Travian-Wegerechner / Travian travel time calculator
Note: This version does not work with T3 and is not being maintained for T2, either, i.e. bugs are only getting fixed in the current version. Please use the new version (includes tournament square and speed rounds):

Wegerechner T3 [de] / Distance calculator T3 [en] / Afstandscalculator T3 [nl] / Calculatrice de chemin T3 [fr]

Wegerechner T2 [de] / Distance calculator T2 [en] / Afstandscalculator T2 [nl] / Calculatrice de chemin T2 [fr]

NEW: Adelungstimer - Wegerechner für mehrere Startfelder / Travel time calculator for several start fields (T3)
Travian2-Version [de] [en] [fr]

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Felder/h Dauer Units (roman, gaul, teuton)
3 Fire catapult, Trebuchet, Catapult
4 Battering ram, Senator, Ram, Ram, Chief
5 Praetorian, Settler, Chieftain
6 Legionnaire, Swordsman, Axefighter
7 Imperian, Phalanx, Clubswinger, Spearfighter
9 Scout, Teuton Knight
10 Equites Caesaris, Paladin
12 teuton Merchant
13 Haeduan
14 Equites Imperatoris
16 roman Merchant, Equites Legati, Druidrider
17 Pathfinder
19 Theutates Thunder
24 gaul Merchant

* "jetzt" benutzt die Zeit eures Rechners, nicht die Travian-Zeit!